Judo Fitness

As a lover of Judo, I advocate it for many reasons. I started this website to advocate its health benefits. I was not at a good place in my life when I first discovered Judo. I had just gotten out of a divorce and I was depressed. I received the notice that I was going to be laid off the day she left. Coming home from my last day of work, I accidently struck my dog with my car.  

I developed many bad habits during this dark time. A lot of them affected my health in ways that are still a problem to this day. I may have died during that time if it wasn’t for the fact that I discovered Judo. I started my journey by getting drunk and watching kung-fu movies. I would move my arms and legs along to the motions on the screen, and over time, they began to bring me peace.

I started taking judo classes, and discovered that it had been my true calling all along. Now, I maintain this website to talk about my love of what I do and to share the things I’ve learned with others who might want to find the same peace I’ve found.

Latest Topic: Judo A Good Way to Get in Shape for Weddings?

I received a question from a personal friend last week. She wanted to know if Judo would be a good way to get in shape for her wedding. She was working with someone known for creative wedding planning, and wanted to be in the best shape possible for the coming wedding day. She wanted to try Judo, but wanted my advice because she wasn’t sure it would be a fast or effective way to get fit.

I reassured her that Judo is an excellent activity for shaping up for a wedding. First of all, it’s as good a workout as you’d imagine. You’ll spend a lot of calories in just an hour, and two should be enough to start making progress on a better body. Twice a week is a good rule of thumb for this sort of activity, and it won’t be hard to find a personal trainer who can offer that.

You also don’t have to worry about being bruised or injuring something during the wedding. If you’re beginning Judo, sparring will only be used sparingly. During this time, you’ll mostly just be learning forms that will help you if you decide to stick with it for a longer period of time.